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3 Fast-Growing Cannabis Jobs – Without A College Degree

Comprehensive Cultivation Services

Thanks to the recent legalization trend sweeping across the nation and around the world, new cannabis jobs in nearly every industry are coming into existence.

Skilled physical labor jobs are in high demand and spreading rapidly throughout the cannabis industry. Cannabis cultivation facility technology is evolving towards optimizing the current workspace and requires a reliable crew to install, maintain, and manage client requests.

Below, we’ll take a look at three jobs in the cannabis industry that are in high demand and don’t require a college degree.

Fertigation Installer

As more cannabis cultivation facilities continue to pop up, business owners are always on the hunt for specialized equipment and procedures to help save time and money.

One rapidly growing industry involves installing fertigation systems that connect directly to existing irrigation systems.

Fertigation installers are currently growing in demand and don’t require a high-level engineering degree to master.

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If you have the necessary skills to perform semi-hard physical labor in a safe and efficient manner, along with excellent communication skills, applying for a job as a fertigation installer might be a great option to explore.

Other qualifications required to get your foot in the door as a fertigation installer include operating various power tools, standard working tools, plus timely and dexterous organization skills.

As a fertigation installer, you’ll work closely with a handful of moving mechanical components while frequently being exposed to outdoor weather conditions — including wet and humid environments.

Table Installer

Bench and Table Installation Specialists are an essential backbone in maintaining and optimizing cannabis cultivation operations.

The primary purpose of bench/table installation specialists is to build and install the table and racking systems following design specifications for improving operational efficiency.

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Table installation can involve simple smaller installs, while some jobs can require larger and more technical coordination efforts.

In larger installation jobs, a safety-first mentality becomes even more critical for yourself and everyone involved on the job site.

While installing complex table configurations can be physically demanding, it’s important that you prioritize safety before attempting to perform an action you’re not 100% confident in doing.

Crew Lead: Foreman (Bench/Table Installer & Fertigation Installer)

As a crew lead foreman, you’ll have numerous opportunities to oversee and manage a crew in the construction, organization, and operation of various cannabis cultivation duties.

Crew lead foremen are in charge of setting goals and ensuring objectives are met in a timely manner at the required and expected industry standards.

Performing duties that fulfill the original quote from the customer’s cultivation facility will require signed approvals verifying the client is happy with the quality of work and any potential additional costs.

Your role as a crew lead requires you to not only develop, but maintain high standards in your crew’s workmanship.

Ultimately, the responsibility of the overall duties listed on the original client’s quote, required at the job site, falls onto the shoulders of the foreman in charge.

Maintaining this responsible position will also require a certain amount of foresight to anticipate what needs to be structured and organized to make sure the priority objectives are met each day towards completion.

Beyond your basic duties and responsibilities in managing your workers, you’ll also be in charge of the minute details.

Examples of details you’ll need to manage can include:

  • Maintaining your crew’s toolset
  • Basic first aid kit and knowledge
  • Organizing relevant information
  • Clearly defining SOPs needed to produce expected results
  • Concise communication (written & verbal)
  • Managing budgets
  • And several additional tasks

Final Thoughts

Working as a fertigation and/or bench installer or crew lead foreman in large cannabis cultivation facilities, first and foremost, requires the highest levels of professionalism.

Even though it can be quite exciting to work in the cannabis industry, your main priorities and duties boil down to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Your only real boss is the client. By satisfying the client completely, everyone in the chain of command is happy.

No matter your role in any cannabis cultivation job, your main role is to produce the result for the client, which will in turn solidify your long-term job security.

To learn more about some of the fastest-growing cannabis jobs in the industry, contact us for additional details.