Grow Room Automation

Grow Room Automation

Advances in cannabis technology have led to the possibility of having a fully automated grow room. We are in an era where technology has become a large asset to cultivation, and lends itself to saving time, money, resource consumption, and human error. This removal of the tedious aspects of growing affords cultivators the opportunity to spend more time working with the plants and the business. Lighting, environment, fertigation, and CO2 can all be controlled remotely from your phone in an automated grow room.

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Automated Fertigation Systems

With advanced precision fertigation systems, the possibilities are endless… You can change recipes on the fly, feed multiple times of day, adjust your sunrise and sunsets, remotely monitor your EC and PH, and respond to the needs of your plants as they mature from seed to harvest. Remove the guess work, reduce the probability of crop failure, and stop relying on your employees to hand mix batches and manually water your plants. In one year of paying an entry level employee to hand mix batches and water your crops, you could easily pay for an automated fertigation system and have an extra hand to help where it counts.

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