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  • Our Services Become Your Solutions

    Comprehensive Cultivation Services designs, develops, and implements commercial cannabis cultivation systems to help cultivators achieve maximum quality and profitability. Our solutions nurture our clients’ unique needs and infinite potential.

  • Consultation

    Utilize our 30+ years of experience as a resource to access and source state-of-the-art commercial cultivation equipment and implement it in the most efficient ways possible.

  • marijuana cultivation

    Design the Optimal Space

    Collaborate with our experts to produce a cultivation strategy and facility design that will maximize yields and flower quality, while minimizing cost and risk.

  • Maximize your Canopy

    Cultivate abundant, high-quality yields and eliminate inefficiency. CCS is your trusted partner in rolling tables and tiered racking system installation, helping you to optimize your facility and maximize returns.

  • Innovative Technology

    Reduce risk of crop failure and increase yields by implementing automated cultivation systems. Track analytics over time to improve your cultivation methods. Use crop steering and pulse irrigation methods to optimize nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. Remotely monitor and adjust environmental controls from a laptop or smart phone.

  • Your Success is our Success

    We care for the people we work with. When we say your success is our success, we mean it. Have us come out today and talk about your needs and project requirements, we will commit to finding a solution in alignment with the specifications you provide.

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Optimize Your Cultivation Facility

Comprehensive Cultivation Services specializes in cannabis cultivation strategies and solutions that help cultivators optimize their facilities, increase yields, increase profits, and achieve the results necessary to excel in the ever-changing cannabis industry. Whether you are building from the ground up or are looking to optimize your pre-existing facility; we have a full spectrum of services to suit your needs and assist you in accomplishing your end goals.

Our Services

cultivation strategies | commercial marijuana cultivation systems


Due to our 30 years of combined industry experience, we’ve seen it all. Utilize our consulting services and we can help your team build reliable cultivation systems that will consistently generate high-quality products.

fertigation | cultivation strategies | commercial marijuana cultivation systems

Fertigation System

Our team designs the layout and function of your fertigation system focusing on optimal placement of facility features such as storage, drainage, plumbing, and tables. All features are laid out in an easy to digest AutoCAD blueprint of your planned grow space.
fertigation | cultivation strategies | commercial marijuana cultivation systems

Fertigation System

Consistently deliver unique nutrient recipes to your cannabis. Fertigation systems supply precise quantities of your nutrient mixture to each plant without wasting water, nutrients, or time.

Table and Tiered
Racking Installation

Our team can maximize your canopy with the installation of rolling benches and multi-tiered racking systems.
grow room automation | cultivation strategies | commercial marijuana cultivation systems

Cultivation Facility Automation

Streamline processes and reduce labor costs with control of your entire cultivation facility including fertigation, climate, lighting, and CO2 delivery on your mobile phone.


Learn the physical application of your newly installed technology from one of our qualified professionals. Our team can help you learn how to optimize the settings on your fertigation system for each cannabis strain and growing phase.

cultivation strategies | commercial marijuana cultivation systems

We Believe in the Power of Optimization

More specifically, we believe in automated streamlined processes. We know how much time and care cultivators spend crafting their own unique recipes, carefully designed and developed with specific benefits in mind. We wholeheartedly understand that no two strains are the same, and therefore, no two cultivation facilities can be the same. Our team creates custom solutions based on your facility’s specific needs with one primary goal in mind: to increase your yields.

Our Work

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