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We offer a wide range of services that help cultivators accomplish desired outcomes in the realm of cannabis cultivation. We provide systems layout and design, materials sourcing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and client support.

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Fertigation System Design

Fertigation = Fertilizer + Irrigation

In other words, fertigation is the systemic application of nutrients into an irrigation system. Another phrase commonly used for fertigation systems is “nutrient injection” or “dosing.” The increase in cannabis legalization has prompted an industry focus on technological innovations that have been applied specifically to the space of cannabis irrigation. We believe a proper fertigation system can take a grower’s plants and lifestyle to the next level; giving cannabis cultivators ultimate control over their feeding schedules, recipes, and the quality of their product. Users of fertigation systems will reduce labor costs, time spent mixing hand batches, nutrient consumption, water consumption, and monthly overhead.

Our teams travel nationwide to visit your facility and work with you to identify your goals and budget before determining a viable solution. CCS utilizes AutoCAD technology to draft the layout of the system and other key components such as drainage, storage, plumbing, fertigation, lights, and table placement. We are able to provide a bill of materials and consult with you on optimal equipment to outfit your facility. Utilizing CCS as a resource for fertigation system design will save you time and money when it comes to making purchasing and installation decisions.

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Fertigation System Installation

Precision irrigation gives cultivators the opportunity to consistently and automatically deliver nutrient batches to their plants, while reducing water usage and maximizing nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. Advanced fertigation systems are especially effective for cultivators looking to administer multiple feedings in a single day. Our teams completely take care of all installation and purchasing of fertigation systems, water storage, piping for water and nutrients to travel, and installation of drip stake emitters. Automate your cultivation to increase your yields and reduce your risk.

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Table and Tiered Racking Installation

Rolling tables and benches remove non-efficient aisle ways and increase your canopy. Tiered Racking Systems, or vertical racking, help optimize vertical space in your facility with 2 tier or 3 tier options.

Tables and tiered racking systems are cost effective and usually pay for themselves in the first grow cycle, making them one of the most solid investments you can make for your commercial cultivation facility.

Let us help you design, source and install a rolling table/ tiered racking system that’s in alignment with your facility’s layout and will maximize your returns.


When planning a facility, there is much to consider. It can be immensely helpful to bring in experts who have experience in planning and optimizing cannabis-specific cultivation spaces. Our consultants are aware of the infinite potential of every person, seed and facility and will collaborate with you to develop systems and methods that have been historically proven to yield results.

Let’s work together with you to make your dream a reality. Click here to get started.

Cultivation Techonology

Legalization has provided a surge in cannabis cultivation technology, and one area of notable innovation has been in automation capabilities. All of the fertigation platforms we work with allow end users to preprogram their recipes and feeding schedules for automatic supply to their plants and include remote monitoring and adjustment capabilities. This can be particularly helpful when performing crop steering or pulse irrigation methods.

Additionally, consolidated environmental controllers help you automate climate, humidity, CO2, lighting, and irrigation. For large scale commercial cannabis cultivation facilities, there is really no other option. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you fully automate your facility and streamline your processes.


After completing your installation, our certified technicians will program your recipes and desired feeding schedules into your new system to ensure your success. We will also help you get acquainted with your new fertigation system and teach you how to operate its functions at the highest level. Learn to pre-set your nutrients to the exact recipe you have specified and adjust the feeding times according to where your plants are in their cycle. Whether you want to feed twice a day or 10 microdoses a day, we can help.

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