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What is Fertigation?

fertigation | nutrient injection

Fertigation = Fertilizer + Irrigation

In other words, fertigation is the systemic application of nutrients into an irrigation system. Another phrase commonly used for fertigation systems is “nutrient injection” or “dosing.” The popular increase in cannabis legalization has prompted an industry focus on technological innovations that have been applied specifically to the space of cannabis irrigation. We are excited to share these innovations with the community we serve.


Save Time & Money with Fertigation

We believe a precision fertigation system can take a grower’s end product and lifestyle to the next level; giving cannabis cultivators ultimate control over their feeding schedules, recipes, and the end result. Users of fertigation systems will reduce labor costs, time spent mixing hand batches, nutrient consumption, water consumption, and monthly overhead, while simultaneously increasing yields and quality of flower.

Auto CAD Design

Make your vision a reality by identifying exactly how you are going to lay out your table and irrigation systems: from pipes, to tanks, to manifold valves; optimize your canopy space and end results.

Materials Sourcing

We have the experience and relationships to spec out and source all required components and materials for your project. So no need to stress or chase things down. Just give us a call and trust you are being taken care of.


We provide turn-key fertigation system installation which includes the complete plumbing out of supply lines, low voltage wiring, and total commissioning including staff training.


After completing installation, our certified technicians will integrate your recipes and feeding schedules with the performance of your fertigation platform.

Staff Training

The commissioning phase is not complete without a staff training session to familiarize your team on how to operate your new fertigation platform.

Maintenance/ Service

Just because we finished the installation and commissioning doesn’t mean it’s going to be the last time you’ll see us. We are always here when you need us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require tech support, preventative maintenance, or any service on your system. We are happy to provide a maintenance contract that guarantees quarterly service to all clients who would like to maximize the longevity and optimal performance of their units as well.