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What Are Multi-Tier Grow Rack Systems?

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For each stage of your commercial cannabis growing operation, you’ll need space. Sorting plants by growth stage while also making space for drying and trimming can make space limited. Companies with operations in warehouse settings are constantly challenged by storage space and future potential expansions require a viable and cost-effective solution.

Multi-tier archival grow rack systems take advantage of the unused vertical ceiling space in warehouses. By maximizing and optimizing the unused vertical space that’s already available, you can save time and money while increasing speed and operational efficiencies with customizable flexible storage systems.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the numerous advantages of the multi-tier archival racking systems and how you can take full advantage of the empty vertical space in your warehouse.

What Exactly Are Multi-Tier Archival Racking Systems?

Multi-tier racking systems are a type of heavy-duty efficient storage shelving used in medium and large warehouses with limited space on the floor. They often use rotary handles and a pulley system to maneuver between the different racks. Those not in use are lifted towards the ceiling, while those which require access descend within reach.

By taking advantage of unused empty ceiling space, multi-tier archival racking systems can help optimize storage and distribution operations.

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No matter how many levels of storage your ceiling space will allow, all levels and areas are accessible by aisles and staircases.

All multi-tier racking systems are adjustable to help you figure out what shelving configuration best meets the needs of your ongoing adjustments to your optimal workflow.

Design considerations can include details of the archival system you want to put in place, drain placement and total square footage, among other things. With an archival system you can easily organize your plants by growth stage, strain, or other factors.

Advantages Of Multi-Tiered Archival Grow Rack System?

In addition to adding more storage space into your operation without adding square footage, a multi-tiered archival racking system can help you improve efficiency.

Advantages of multi-tier archival racking systems:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Increase speed and efficiency for high volume SKUs
  3. Save and create more floor space
  4. Increase storage capacity
  5. Easier to store more inventory

With the custom flexible designing capabilities of multi-tiered archival racking systems, you’re able to design and manipulate multiple combinations to create an adaptive warehouse.

Having the flexibility to adapt your warehouse storage management system allows you to create, design, and take full advantage of the needs of the flow of the warehouse.

Before you invest in extra warehouse space at multiple locations, it might be worth your time to have a quick chat with a multi-tier archival racking system expert to see if your warehouse space is suitable for a flexible product storage management system.

Who Uses Multi-Tier Archival Grow Rack Systems?

Companies choose multi-tier archival grow rack systems for different reasons. The most obvious customer is one who has limited floorspace, but significant vertical reach in their building. Companies with unused vertical ceiling space find the multi-tiered archival racking system valuable, because it reduces the need to rent or purchase a larger building.

Another reason customers choose the multi-tier system is for its archival use. Growers who are testing and experimenting with different strains and growth specifications may want a detailed system for classifying their different products. This is where a multi-tier archival grow rack can help you compare and test growth with plants arranged in close proximity.

If you’re looking for extra storage space or you want to take full advantage of the space you already have, you might want to consider exploring a multi-tiered archival racking system.

How Do Multi-Tier Archival Racking Systems Actually Work?

Starting with high ceilings and empty vertical space, our custom options allow us to design and install systems for a variety of warehouse shapes and sizes.

After we understand the dimensions of the space we’re working with, we can offer numerous design options that can best suit your needs.

Depending on the product you’re aiming to store on your racking system will help you narrow down what will work best for your inventory.

If you need only one level or a multi-tier structure, our systems can help your current setup with the flexibility to allow you to incorporate several options and various racking system accessories your layout might need.

Final Thoughts On Multi-Tier Archival Racking Systems

Your storage racking system serves as one of the primary backbones of your entire operation.

Choosing a storage system doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming.

We offer a wide range of custom and customizable options that will best suit the needs of your warehouse.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started maximizing and optimizing your warehouse space, contact us today to learn more about multi-tier archival grow systems!

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