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What Are Grow Tables, How To Use, & Where To Buy? A Detailed Guide

big cannabis tables

Even though operating cultivation facilities is costly and time-consuming, nearly every area of the operation has the potential for optimization to boost your ROI (Return On Investment).

Grow tables are a quick method of increasing ROI by taking full advantage of the unused space, while also optimizing the space that’s already available. Several options and customizable features offer turnkey solutions, once design specifications are formalized.

Below, we’ll take a look at what grow tables are, how to use them, and where to buy the best quality options to fit your custom needs.

What Are Grow Tables?

Grow tables are cultivation technologies geared towards optimizing your grow space, improving plant quality, and increasing your overall ROI.

There are several types of grow tables available on the market with each having unique features, benefits, and customizable options.

Types of grow tables.

Grow table manufacturers are constantly developing and optimizing systems for growers to make each stage of the operation run more smoothly.

How To Use Grow Tables?

Vertical & Mobile Racks

Grow Glide’s Vertical & Mobile Racks bring you an efficient integrated catwalk system allowing you to service your plants between multiple decks and on outer rows.

Vertical & mobile racks offer a safe and elevated cultivation experience with strong ladders and racks designed to configure and fit your growing needs.

Slide Bench System

Botanicare’s Slide Bench System is designed to allow up to 30% more area to grow your plants by using fewer aisles.

Slide bench systems are a unique design that makes it easy to customize to different specifications that meet the needs of your grow, and provide a nice balance of space and aisle width.

Premiere Racking Systems

Innovative Growers Equipment inc. Premiere Racking Systems offers a simple to use quality racking system with an extended track availability up to 12 feet.

The strength and stability of this premiere option gives you peace of mind by offering a strong and safe multi-tier racking system built using the highest quality materials and mechanical components.

Why Use A Grow Table?

Cultivation facility owners are starting to take advantage of their unused vertical grow space by utilizing growing tables and racks available on the market.

Benefits of grow tables include:

  1. Increased ROI
  2. Scaled production
  3. Improved plant quality

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Increased ROI

Utilizing industry-leading grow tables allows you the imaginative flexibility to easily see numerous potential areas that can be used to optimize and innovate operations.

Cutting down on labor costs and scaling up production are the main areas of impact where grow tables can quickly boost your ROI.

Scaled Production

Scaling productions in cultivation facilities can be as simple as taking full advantage of the vast unused vertical space.

Most cultivation facilities have a lot of potential to increase the output and scale of production.

To start a conversation about how you can increase the scale of your current production contact us for a free quote from our vertical farming experts.

Improved Plant Quality

With specialized grow table technology it is easier to boost the quality of your plant through the effortless multi-tier airflow system.

Optimized airflow climates are essential in maintaining your plant’s health throughout the growth cycles.

Where To Buy Grow Tables?

After thorough market analysis and vigorous experimentation with several different racking systems and grow tables, we’ve identified a small list of the highest quality and most innovative companies manufacturing grow tables.

Recommended grow table manufacturers include.

Each manufacturer offers slightly different product designs and options suitable for your specific needs.

Final Thoughts On Cannabis Grow Tables

Grow tables are finding their way to becoming an essential piece of technology for cultivation facility owners.

If you’re aiming to increase your plant quality and increase your bottom line ROI, grow tables offer a quick boost by taking advantage of, and reorganizing the space you already have.

To talk to a grow table expert, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.