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Terpenes: What are they and the different types that exist in cannabis

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, that create the distinct scent of many plants, such as pine, lavender, and orange peel, as well as our favorite terpenes found in cannabis. The fragrance of most plants is due to a combination of terpenes. In nature, these terpenes protect the plants from animal grazing or infectious germs.

The terpenes most found in cannabis are limonene, myrcene, pinene, linalool, Gerariol, humulene, terpinol, Valencene, terpinolene, and ocimene.

Limonene is found mostly in lemons and other citrus fruit. This terpene produces an aroma like such fruits. Limonene is used for aiding digestion, an anti-fungal, and it reduces inflammation. As considered a mood enhancer and may reduce tumor size.

Myrcene typically occurs in a particularly fragrant plant. For example, mangos, hops, bay laurel leaves, and thyme. The aroma is of earthy and has a resemblance to cloves having a euphoric and medicinally sedative effect.

Pinene or A-pinene is an aromatic compound residing in cannabis giving the plant the scent of a pine forest. Pinene is useful relieving pain, useful to improve airflow in the lungs, and overall respiratory function being a bronchodilator. Used as an antioxidant and anti-bacterial, also inhibiting memory loss related to THC use.

Linalool found in lavender giving it a calming aroma that leaves you feeling relaxed and tranquil. Linalool relieves pain and is sedative, promoting and inducing sleep. In some cases, being used as an anti-psychotic and inflammatory.

Geraniol emits a rosy and tobacco like fragrance. Commonly used in perfumes, however, it is an effective mosquito repellent. Geraniol has potential to protect harmful effect against neuropathways.

Humulene is the main terpene present in hops. Emitting an earthy scent with spicy notes. Commonly found in sage, cloves, and black pepper. Known to be an appetite suppressant and will fight inflammation within the body.

Terpinol is a rarely occurring terpene. With the scent of lilac this terpene will calm and lift your mood. Studies show terpinol show antimalarial properties.

Valencene is an exotic terpene that is found mostly in Valencia oranges. Valencene has a sweet citrus scent that also acts as a insect repellant.

Terpinolene holds a piney fragrance with notes of flowers. Mostly found in sage and rosemary, being used for soaps and perfumes. This terpene is known to create drowsiness, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Ocimene has a tropical and musky aroma. Useful for inflammatory issues, as well as an antifungal and antiviral.

Terpenes provide the direction of the euphoria one experiences after ingesting cannabis, as well as the wonderfully distinct smell and taste.