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How to Maximize Square Footage in a Marijuana Grow

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Space. The final frontier. No, we don’t mean outer space — we mean space to grow!

Maximizing growing space for your marijuana plants can put more money in your pocket. But purchasing more land or greenhouses can be expensive. Another way to make the most out of your marijuana grow facility is to maximize the efficiency of your existing space.

Here are some tips on using the marijuana grow space you have to an even greater effect.

Rolling Grow Tables

Walkway aisles are necessary for your employees to access plants in your marijuana grow room. However, layout designers tend to overestimate the amount of space they’ll need for aisles.

Aisles are mostly designed for stationary tables, however. What if you used rolling grow tables to create a modular design layout?

With wheeled grow tables, you’ll only need one aisle since you can easily reorganize the tables at any given point in time.

Spread out these space savings across dozens of greenhouses, and suddenly, you’ve added up to 30% more canopy. This also reduces labor costs, since the plants are in close reach. This means that employees can make more marijuana grow in a smaller space.

Rolling Grow Benches

Since we’re on the tack of maximizing space by putting surfaces on wheels, why not use benches, too? Rolling benches allow the plants to come to the worker (rather than the other way around). They can increase your marijuana grow space by a whopping 60%.

The way rolling grow benches work is different from rolling tables. While rolling tables are solid structures with wheels on the ground that allow them to move from one location to another, rolling benches have fixed bases on which the table surfaces move. The tabletops slide from side to side to create and remove aisles when necessary.

Creating a greenhouse with rolling grow benches requires a little planning, though. Because your trays and table surfaces will be quite large, you’ll need large doors to accommodate them.

If you’re using rolling benches, you should remove obstacles that create tripping hazards, too. You might not see something you’re about to trip over because a rolling bench covers it up.

Make sure the aisle space you leave for employees isn’t too small. Just because you’ll be down to one moveable aisle doesn’t mean it has to be miniscule! Ensure there is enough space for employees and their equipment to complete their tasks comfortably and safely.

Multi-Tier Archive Grow Racks

When there isn’t any more horizontal space, build up. Multi-tiered grow racks are a fantastic way to expand your facility without having to — well — expand your facility. A multi-tier archival racking system comes with a user-friendly rotary handle that enables users to reposition the growing racks for easy access.

Building vertically means you can convert the space of one table into a usable space for three or four levels. Since many growers are using converted warehouses, there might already be plenty of vertical space to use.

When it comes down to it, an efficient use of space helps cannabis growers maximize their profits. Each additional square foot you can add, whether horizontally or vertically, improves your chance of competing in an increasingly crowded market.

The best part about installing vertical growing racks? It’s not an expensive solution, especially when you consider the additional profits you’ll earn by adding more space.

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